Friday, October 5, 2012

More Cancer?

     A week ago I noticed that I had pain under my arm near my breast. That was on Tuesday the 28th of September. I also felt a small lump, but didn't know if it was a lymph node or a cyst or something else. The oncologists PA gave me a physical breast examination and said that it was probably a cyst and we scheduled a mammogram. On Wednesday October 3rd I woke up with what appeared to be bruising on my breast. I hadn't remembered anything I had done to bruise it. I went in for the mammogram, which was a diagntostic (ouch), and they did an extensive ultrasound afterwords. The breast radiologist came in and said that he would just watch it, he didn't see anything unusual. A bit of thickening where the bruise was, but he said that could be from the bruise. He said if the lump was still there in 2-3 months, we would biopsy it.
     I was relieved for about 30 minutes. After that I read stories of woman after woman who had advanced Inflammatory Breast Cancer because of delayed treatment. (By this time, this is where my mind was going.) So yesterday I phoned a gynecologist, and made an appointment, because at this point, no one has actually looked at the bruise mark on my breast (which is still there). I see her on Monday at 3:50 pm.
     Right now I am feeling like CLL is a cake walk. AMAZINGLY, I just want to go back to having plain old CLL.
     In boring ol' CLL news, my numbers at the oncologists office last week were...the same! In fact there was a slight downward trend. Nothing major, but hey! I'll take it!